Our solution for the COVID-19 Global Hackathon #BuildForCOVID19 is Tiply. Tiply provides a mechanism to send tips / donations directly into the pockets of our fantastic NHS workers. The concept came from two university students who wanted to show their support to the workers on the front-line. Tiply also allows donators to include supportive messages with their tips. Let’s all show our appreciation. #TipTheNHS

Leaving a tip

1. Click the 'donate' button above

2. Enter the amount you wish to tip

3. Leave a supportive message (optional)

4. Thank you!

NHS Staff

1. Create an account

2. Verify your NHS status

3. Link your PayPal account

4. Receive tips

Messages for NHS Staff

Thank you for helping everyone

from Anonymous

We love you <3

from Sophie

Keep up the good work 🙂

from Dave – Yorkshire

Thank you for what you do x

from Karen – Leeds

Thank you to every NHS worker for being heroes for all of us.

from Anonymous

Thank you

from Laura – London

Thank you all for your hard work and effort put into saving lives from this Covid-19. Keep well.

from Anonymous